100 Most Popular Google Keywords of 2017

100 Most Popular Google Keywords of 2017

List of Most Popular Google Keywords of 2017. 

We know branded terms like “Gmail”, “Facebook” and “Youtube” are frequently searched and are a common point of reference for users. But what about non-brands? What about true keywords that, undoubtedly, are the aim of many traffic-thirsty SEOs across the world? So, below is the list of the 100 most popular Google keywords.

Top 100 Most Popular Keyword Searches Google in US:

Unsurprisingly, this list is almost entirely dominated by branded searches.

Search volume:

Search volume shows how many times a given keyword is being entered into Google per month. And, because the search demand on many keywords tends to fluctuate from month to month, the number that we give you is an annual average.

Return Rate:

Return Rate shows how often a person will search for that keyword again. It is a relative metric, so RR 3.55 doesn’t mean that people perform the same search 3-4 times a month on average.

The list has several interesting insights that I did not see coming before receiving the data. It’s interesting to see Google Instant going to work – and accurately, with many searches of single-letter terms.

What keywords on the list stood out as particularly interesting to you? Let me know in the comments.

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