Welcome to BlogKens. This blog is started with a vision to share knowledge and increase awareness about Blogging and Money making. All the posts which I will be publishing in future will be based on my self experience.

Hi I’m Saksham Kumar, Electronics engineer by chance and Blogger by choice and profession. I know a lot about Computer in the field of basics, software, hardware and web designing & development. I have worked for some time as a designer as well on 99Designs.

I have started this website to share knowledge and this will be a open community where people can share knowledge and interact on any topic related to:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Making Money
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • WordPress

And if you are wondering what Blogkens stands for then let me tell you the story behind this name. Blogkens is made of two words: Blog plus Kens. Now what is blog you all know, coming to the meaning of kens, it means: understanding, complex issues well beyond our ken or simply it means “to know”. So, this is how I named this blog! 🙂

I’m always open for feedback and you can send me your review about this blog anytime using following form. Enjoy your stay with BlogKens!

Saksham Kumar



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