Duplicate content is the content that appears on the Internet in more than one place. When there are multiple versions of content, as Google calls it, “appreciably similar” in more than one location, it can be very difficult for search engines to decide which version is the original and more relevant to a particular search query.

Duplicate content can seriously harm your site. Google hates duplicate or plagiarized content and it can sometimes impact your site SEO and search engine rankings or Google can even remove your site if it contains most of the duplicate content.

Google defines duplicate content as:

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.

What’s the bottom line? While you may not get technically a penalty, but still duplicate content can seriously harm your site and you should be more careful about duplicate content if your site is new and it does not have much authority.

In this post, I will show you how you can check for internal duplicate content in your website with simple online tools for free.

Want to know the best part? I have mentioned two methods, one for checking individual posts and pages for duplicate content and other is for a complete website/blog check which will give you a complete report of duplicate content.

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12 Google Duplicate Content Checker Online Tools for Free

Google Duplicate Content Checker Online Free Tool:

1. Copyscape: 

Most popular on Internat and my favorite duplicate content checker tool is Copyscape. It provides you a free plagiarism checker for finding copies of your web pages online, copy paste originality checks, batch search, private index and case tracking with just a single click.

It gets better:

Copyscape provides a free service that lets you easily search for plagiarism online and identify instances of content theft. Simply type in the URL of your original content, and Copyscape does the rest. Although, the tool is free but the daily use is limited to some searches per user.

It also offers professional services for more advanced needs. If you have a large volume of content then you can sign up for Copyscape premium services and then integrate their API into your CMS for easy identification of duplicate content.

Now: Let’s understand the process:

Step #1: First go to Copyscape.

Copyscape Duplicate Content Checker Online Free Tool

Step #2: Paste the URL of the web page of which you want to check duplicate content in the given box.

For example: If you want to check copies of this URL http://backlinko.com/youtube-ranking-factors. Just paste it into the search box and hit enter.Copyscape Online Free duplicate content checker Tool

You’ll get the results within seconds and Copyscape will give you first ten results in the free plan. Most of the times the first ten results will be sufficient and they will tell you if the content has duplicate copies on Internet or not.

Then just click on the individual links and it will show you exactly how many words on the page are copied with the URL of that page also.

Copyscape is really very easy to use and very accurate also, ranked #1 by independent tests. Copyscape is trusted by millions of website owners to check the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

Watch this video about Copyscape if you want more information on this.

How to Check Duplicate Content of Website: Google Duplicate Content Checker Online Tool

2. Siteliner: 

I really like Siteliner as with duplicate content checker, it also provides a complete analysis of website once every month. It is a free service by Copyscape that lets you explore your website, revealing key issues that affect your site’s quality and search engine rankings.

Siteliner can check duplicate content, page power, broken links and it generates a complete report after crawling and analyzing your site which reveals some great information which can ultimately help you in improving your website or blog.

Now: Let’s understand the process.

Step #1: First go to Siteliner.

Siteliner aGoogle Duplicate Content Checker Online Tool

Step #2: Paste the URL of the website you want to check the duplicate content of. Here remember that Siteliner will perform a complete website scan so it will take some time and paste the URL of the Home page of the website and not of any particular post page.

Check Duplicate Content of Website by Siteliner

Step #3: Just hit enter and it will perform the complete scan. The complete report will be presented to you.

Siteliner Check Duplicate Content of Website

It gives you the option to check duplicate content, unique and common content that website is having.

Check Duplicate Content of Website by Siteliner tool

Click on Here for the complete list of posts or pages having duplicate content.

Siteliner list of duplicate content posts or pages

This list will give you the number of exact matched words, percentage and pages with page power. You can download the site report PDF and XML sitemap. It also gives you the option to check for broken links easily.

The free Siteliner service is limited to monthly analyses of sites up to 250 pages. The Siteliner Premium service allows you to analyze web sites up to 25,000 pages, with no limitations on how often analyses are run. You can also review your previous results.

Although the free Siteliner service is limited to monthly analyses up to 250 pages but this is more than sufficient for small or even any medium size website.

Internal Duplicate Content Checker Tools:

So, these are the two free duplicate content checker online tools you can use for free and deal with plagiarized content easily. If you want to try other tools as well then refer this post where I’ve shared 12 best google duplicate content checker free tools.

12 Google Duplicate Content Checker Online Tools for Free

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