I will help you Become a Revolutionary BLOGGER and ENTREPRENEUR and I will setup your blog for FREE so that you can have the right configuration from the beginning and you can start making money without any problems.

Free WordPress Blog Setup for All

I Will Provide You Everything You Need To Build a Successful Blog!

I have helped many of my friends in setting up their blogs and then I thought that if I can help them then I can also help you people. That’s when I decided to start this service to help those who are just starting in this and don’t know anything about WordPress or How to Setup a Successful Blog. I will provide you with everything with my free WordPress blog setup service. I will not only help you produce a blog, I will help you become a blogging entrepreneur.


I will install self-hosted WordPress software with proper configuration so you don’t have to spend hours in reading tutorials and watching videos to do simple things.

Best Design

I will help you to choose best WordPress theme for You and Your future audience.

SEO Optimized

I will help you to optimize your blog for SEO so that you can rank higher and earn more money.

Speed Optimized

I will ensure that your blog will be as fast as possible.

Security Features

I will add all the necessary security plugins to your blog to protect you from potential hacking.


I will support you throughout the process and you will get to contact me personally through WhatsApp or Email and your problems will be solved within no time.

Now you may be thinking that why I am providing all of this for free? Am I crazy or what?

Don’t worry.. I will tell you the reason behind helping you for free. From past year I have started some websites and I have setup many blogs for my friends and for their friends also.

When I started doing this, I read a lot of guides about “How to Setup a Blog” but 9 out of 10 “How To Start A Blog & Make Money” articles on the internet are nothing more than affiliate marketers trying to sell you old-school web hosting like BlueHost and HostGator and in return you get nothing.

I know there are many guides available on every topic but it feels entirely different when you get help from a person who already has experience in that field. Also majority of blogs fail within a few months of starting and the reason for this is that they fail to reach to their target audience and blogger’s expectations and goals.

Many successful blogger have said that in most the cases, failure can be avoided if they have a solid setup of their blog from starting. That is why successful bloggers start one blog after another and earn thousands of dollars just because they have figured out the right set of tools needed to make money from a blog.

I have also started this FREE service to offer you what I wish I had when I was starting out.

Limited Time Offer

Other Bloggers only give Free ebook and guides.. I will not only help you in starting, I will setup your blog at no cost. This service will be closed as soon as I recieve 10 applications… Claim your blog before I close this service. I have kept the limit of 10 blogs per month so that I can help you grow and maintain quality as well.

Process to Get Your FREE Blog

Below are the steps to get free blog setup. Setups are completed in the order they are received.

1. Domain + Web Hosting

First you have to purchase your domain and web hosting to make your blog live. The process will be started as soon as you get the domain and hosting.

2. Fill the form

After that you have to fill the details about how you want your new blog to look like.. I will start working as soon as you will fill the form.

3. Completion of Blog

Your blog will be delivered to you with all the right configuration and you can start blogging immediately without any need of technical knowledge.


1 Extraordinary Blog

1 Domain with Hosting

Premium WordPress Theme

On-Site SEO Setup

1 Powerful Text Logo Design

Amazing Mobile Design

5x Article Keywords For Your Niche

Super Sonic Speed Hosting

Best WordPress Security

Premium Social Media Setup

 Email Setup (Optional)

SSL Security (Optional)

You will get $3000 worth of Services in just $200

1. WordPress Blog

2. WordPress Theme (highest quality themes): $800 (average quotation, without a logo, hosting or domain).

3. Text Logo: $60 – $300.

4. Hosting: $24 per month ($288 dollars per year).

5. Domain: $11.

6. On-Site SEO: Charges minimum $100 per page, you have to buy two pages minimum, that’s $200.

7. Speed Optimization Of Your Blog: $100 – $300 on

8. Blog Security: $100 Initial set up, $500 per year using Sucuri.

9. Full Blog Audit: $199 per 10 pages.

10. Money Making + Marketing Course: $500

11. Article Ideas + Keyword Research: $50 – $99 Per Month (Keyword Research is very important for SEO).

VALUE: $2700

With the absolute minimum being: $2000

With Me, You Get It For Only: $200.



Do I Own The Blog?

Once I complete the blog then you own everything. I will guide you on the best ways to run your blog, make money and gain traffic.

What Niches Do I Work In?

Currently, I work in all niches. If it’s legal, I will create it.

Will I Make Money?

I will do everything I can to help you make money making blog, using the same blueprint many bloggers are using to earn thousands of dollars per month.
I can promise that you will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and your chances of success will increase dramatically.
However, I can’t promise you will make money as ultimately it boils down to you and your hard work.

In How Much Time My Blog Will be Ready?

Once you’ve completed the payment and your information has been sent over to me, your blog will take anywhere from 2 to 15 days depending on your needs.
This time frame can be increased if you would like to make changes.

If you’ve chosen the free service then your blog will be delivered to within 7 working days.

How Many Revisions Can I Have?

You’re offered up to three revisions if you are unhappy with your finished blog.
The blog I first deliver will be designed to be user-friendly and as optimized as possible, unnecessary tweaking can diminish your own results.

Why Are You So Cheap?

If you add up the costs of my service it would add up to thousands of dollars, $2500 to be exact.
So how do I keep it so cheap?
Because I do all of the work in house and nothing is outsourced. This allows me to create high-quality work in half of the time than it would take a normal web designer, this is usually a more expensive option.
However, I have built relationships with many famous brands and services that allow me to offer you the best price.

Can I Get A Refund?

I put 20 or more hours into every blog I create, plus all the testing of blueprint to ensure maximum results.
This being said I can’t offer a refund.
If you’re ever unhappy, please just get in touch with me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

Can I Ask For Your Help?

I am ready to help you with any questions you may have, I will respond within one working day.

What information do I need to provide you with?

Tell me absolutely everything you want your blog to look like. Go into details, ins, and outs because it helps me to help you.

What If I Don’t Have A Niche For My Blog?

Just send me a message and I will talk to you and help you out.


I know I provide cheap and even FREE service but that doesn’t mean that this service is for everyone. I started this service for those who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend and those who really wants to do something.
In return, all I ask is for you to be patient and understanding.