When it comes to SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about on-page SEO strategies, SEO Statistics, link building, and long tail keywords importance.

But if you’re looking for some real SEO statistics that you can leverage to make your business successful, then you’ll love this infographic.

It’s a list of all SEO stats you should know in 2017 to get maximum results for your business from your site.

This infographic will help you understand how users search on search engines and how you can use this data to increase your conversion rate.

I have only shared factual SEO stats that can be supported by relevant and recent studies. You won’t find any outdated statistics from 2012 on this list.

Infographic of all essential SEO Statistics of 2017:

Infographic of all SEO Statistics you should know in 2017

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These 30 SEO statistics for 2017 should be enough to convince anyone that SEO is essential to every business success.


Now is a good time to review some current SEO statistics and leverage them in planning for the future.

Google is continuously changing its ranking optimization factors and with all these updates it is very important for every website owner to review these 30 SEO stats for success in 2017.

By doing some data analysis, you can increase your business and you can shape your marketing strategy.

Understanding this data can help you make your site into a discoverable one and then convert your visitors into leads and leads into sales.

Google is more focusing on providing its users valuable content and you have to keep your SEO strategy according to that otherwise you will get penalized by Google easily.

Start with a few of the SEO statistics you think will impact your business most and dig in for a deeper understanding by going to the source. Once you have mastered a few of the SEO statistics, continue with a few more.

SEO is more of art now and as you proceed you will develop a better understanding of what SEO has become in 2017 and where SEO is likely headed in 2018.

And for you to get value from this post, you need to take action on it. Leave a comment to let me know which statistic you find most interesting. 

Saksham Kumar

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Aman · September 8, 2017 at 10:03 am

A very helpful article. Keep it up man.

Bluesky woman · September 28, 2017 at 2:48 am

Thanks for these very interesting statistics on the current state of SEO stuff, Saksham. It’s fascinating to see just how much the internet has infiltrated into the fiber of human life now. I feel a mixture of fascination and dread at what lies ahead for our species in future decades!

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