Every year act as a revolutionary year for all the tactics of SEO.

Google also rolls out new algorithm updates every day to improve the overall user experience and solve the user’s query as fast as possible (which is resulting in fewer clicks for web publishers).

But predicted by Search Engine Land, SEO industry would be worth 80 billion dollars by 2020, and that is just in the US alone.

So we can safely assume that in the coming years, the SEO industry would be worth hundreds of billions. And if you’re reading this post, you may already know how much important SEO is for everyone.

And that is why I have created this infographic.

Now, we all know there will be hundreds and thousands of posts on what will be SEO like in 2019, and most of them will talk about same things such as focus on Voice SEO, Links are/aren’t important, etc. but if you are looking for the latest SEO trends and some quick, actionable tips then you have to check this infographic.

Infographic on Top SEO Trends for 2019

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